Colorado’s Legalization Experiment: The difference between ‘legal’ and ‘acceptable’ and why it matters

Colorado voters ignited a firestorm of national debate in December 2012 when they passed Amendment 64, which laid the groundwork for legalizing marijuana at the state level.  The vote set … Continue reading

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Suicide in the Old West: The Price of Pro-Gun Policy in Wyoming

Wyoming has the highest rate of suicide in the United States.  It also has the highest rate of gun ownership.  Experts say a connection clearly exists.  But reconciling the two … Continue reading

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Cheyenne Art Corner Co-op Opens its Doors

After working well into the night for nearly a month in preparation for the Art Corner Co-op’s grand opening Friday, organizer and artist Pat Butera steps outside, finds a seat … Continue reading

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RE: Obama Syria Speech, An Open Letter [Opinion]

“Moreover, we know the Assad regime was responsible. In the days leading up to August 21st, we know that Assad’s chemical weapons personnel prepared for an attack near an area … Continue reading

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While “Specific” Terror Threats Close Embassies, Special Operations Division Revelations Go Unnoticed [Opinion]

Does anyone else think the “Specific Threats” story has been vastly overplayed lately? It just seems unsettling to me that precious little attention has been focused on exactly what these … Continue reading

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Linked Review II: Nodes, Networks, Hubs, and Other Talking Points

In part two of our review of Linked, we take a look at Barabasi’s most important talking points and their implications for content producers, media professionals, cellular organisms, and existence … Continue reading

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Book Review: LINKED, by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi (Part 1)

Ever wondered what the web actually looks like?  Or why some sites get all the traffic when others get virtually none?  Ever wondered why the entire global economy seems to … Continue reading

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Aim for the Heart by Al Tompkins’: a Review

“You’ll remember what you feel longer than what you know,” Poynter Institute’s Al Tompkins likes to tell his students.  That’s the central theme of Tompkins’ book, Aim for the Heart: … Continue reading

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